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Nava Chaithanya Group of Institutions established in 1992 have a syndicate of lecturers running the group of Institutions with the prime objective of satisfying various Academic Needs of the students. We want the young minds to be nurtured in grasping Emerging Technologies. Our goal is to prepare our students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world. We have excelled in shaping the young aspirants to achieve success for the last 3 decades with a successful, well-organized and frequently updated teaching methodology to guide students towards their goals.

Director's speech at Nava Chaithanya

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

V.V. Hanumanth Rao
V. V. Hanumantha Rao M.Sc.
Director & Principal
V. Krishna
V. Krishna M.Sc, B.Ed
Director & Principal

Director's Message

The completion of 3 decades is indeed a major milestone in the life of our educational Institution. Nava Chaithanya Institution, since its foundation in 1992, has earned very considerable appreciation for providing value-based education and for imparting the ideals of academic excellence, sense of discipline and high moral and ethical values, leading to the development of integrated personalities.

Our Motto

The motto of the college “knowledge is the exilir of life” is reflected in its faith that education is a process of awakening individual potential to creative knowledge inculcating in them the desire to excel in various spheres. It is extremely noteworthy that the institution considers it to be “its duty to nuture its students as sensitive people with strong values”.

Learning at

Nava Chaithanya

Nava Chaithanya, the personal growth of each student is at the heart of our educational programme. Our students prepare for the future through academic challenge and stimulation.

We are delivering intermediate and degree courses at our institutions. Our flexible approach blends face-to-face seminars and workshops with interactive online learning.

We believe in making a


The morals and values Nava Chaithanya Group of Institutions were formulated based on Our Mission and Vision we stand by. Our commitment to develop smart and intelligent citizens through the medium of education comes along with the idea of discipline and respect for work. We continuously engage ourselves in understanding what is our role and how can we make a difference by achieving it.


Our Vision

To build a world in which our students make a difference is our goal. Providing a strategic direction in the system for the best outcomes. We aim to empower students to become the architects of their own lives. We urge them to think beyond ordinary to improve the world in which they live.

Our Mission

As an institution, we are committed to creating an Integrated learning environment where we can provide a balanced education in a challenging and nurturing environment for students, while maintaining an authentic connection with parents and the society.





Discipline helps students learn how to make right choices, which helps them become confident and self-reliant. It improves student’s analytical skills, making them better citizens.



Our faculty and staff value inquiry and intellectual growth, and we encourage them to be creative, engaged, and lifelong learners by recognizing their different learning needs.



Our values include striving for excellence, recognizing both relative & absolute standards of excellence, and always striving to be at one’s best. Our students are supported 100% to achieve the same.



Our values include strong character, honesty, and courage, guided by an upright and moral compass. We expect all the students to acquire these as core values to become a better human being.

Keep Pace

with Technology

Technological advancements have created a paradigm shift in education. Traditional assets of teaching like blackboards are being replaced by interactive whiteboards. Students can leverage technology to connect with different people around the world and gain career opportunities beyond their borders. Technology makes learning more efficient. We at Nava Chaithanya encourage students to use the current technology for their better understanding. 

  • With digital textbooks, students can benefit from always-updated content that is helpful, creative, and cheaper.
  • Students can easily find e-books, revision materials, sample papers, and previous year question papers on the internet to improve their knowledge base.
  • Through digital learning modes, students are able to learn anytime, anywhere. The study material is just a click away!.


Learning Methods

“In the education, student engagement refers to the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that students show when they are learning or being taught, which extends to the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their education” 

We Follow

Innovative Methods

When engaging with the lesson content, the students are encouraged to delve into their imaginations to gain a deeper understanding. They are actively engaged in the learning process and can collaborate with their peers to demonstrate their learning. 

The students actively seek knowledge and do not simply listen to lectures or fill out worksheets. They engage in learning on levels they never thought possible.


Inquiry-based learning is one of the most effective teaching methods of learning, because research shows that students learn the most when they are able to construct their own meaning.

Real-world scenarios, challenges, and problems are used in project-based learning to engage students in critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

By making a session, our team makes sure that the students are well-versed educated with the concepts taught. Quick quiz or games are conducted which makes the learning sessions much more fun-loving.  

Students are expected to work on a problem statement and come up with their research and process of approach towards the solution.