Our Courses


  • M.P.C + ISEET
  • Bi.P.C + NEET


  • M.P.C / Bi.P.C


  • MEC With CPT
  • CEC With CPT


  • MEC (Regular)
  • CEC (Regular)



  • B.Com Computer Applications
  • B.Com Computers
  • B.Com General EM / TM

Our Facilities

Digital Education System

Digital education system, the technology of the future... introduced for the first time ever to provide the students a better platform to learn and understand the concepts without stress and pain.

We are providing a computer lab facility to help the students develop their computer literacy which is essential in this modern era for any career or profession they choose. Nava Chaithanya Junior College we provide well structured and efficiently organized work material for our students.

We conduct regular and timely tests to improve the thinking and problem solving abilities of our students and thereby preparing them for the competitive world ahead.

Along with providing quality education to the students we also make them participate in other co-curricular activities like "Quiz competition, Debaes and Elocutions" whereby they can stand high, where ever they step.

We are always happy to interact with parents.

PARENT - TEACHER MEET: Every Second Saturday, 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

"Every individual is given equal importance and the progress of every student is obvious"

  • We introduce the next-generation advanced technology focusing on effective and interactive teaching through digitalized 3D interactive multimedia slides and videos.

  • A "Digital teaching  tool will help them in saving time, energy and gives complete animated vision to every student regarding each and every topic being taught."

  • The curriculum is designed in such a way to complete the three time study procedure every day which includes.

  • In-class teaching by the expert faculty on a concept.

  • Digital teaching on the same concepts dealt in the class.

  • Well prepared work books for all the subjects designed by the experts, helping students to analyze whether they have understood the concept or not.

  • This is an innovative method introduced to help the students to develop their analytical, problem solving and thinking abilities and to prepare for both state and national level entrances.

  • The main objective of any institution is to be the best in the educational service. With this 'digital literacy', we are moving a step forward.


  • It is advantageous to every student by reducing stress, strain and pain with the result obvious.

  • It helps the students to understand and remember the concepts with ease.


Nava Chaithanya College is furnished with a superior class library having a large collection of Subject text-books, Reference books, Daily new papers, and Periodicals. The purpose is to extend the students' intellectual horizons. The reading rooms facilitate the students to read the books and new papers in peace.


Teaching may not be an impressive way of learning without experimental evidence.

We emphasize on conducting detailed laboratory sessions to the students to make them explore and experience the real essence of learning concepts of science and technology. All the students get good amount of time with best equipment and material properly aided by experienced demonstrators

Our laboratories are equipped with all supporting demonstration tools and equipment with the highest quality standards in terms of safety, security, cleanliness, teaching and care. We strive to impart education with practical approach to enure learning environment.

The stimulating environment in our Laboratories ensures the right training ground for future scientists and technologists. We have a team of dedicated teachers who work together with enthusiasm.

Nava Chaithanya Junior College offers well equipped and highly sophisticated Science and Computer Labs which helps the students here to gain good practical knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge making them good at application of what they studied.

The computer lab is set up for students to take practice tests online for competitive examinations.